Accessory Dwelling Units Made Easy

Kits to build your own ADU (or have someone put it together for you). 

About Our Company

Learn more about our accessory dwelling unit kits, emergency housing kits, apartment kits and coming soon – rowhouse kits!

Zero Compromise Housing + ADUs


Kits can be built in a day and finished in as little as a week. Not only do you get a prefab price with a site built look, but its almost as fast as prefab!

Site Built Quality. Prefab Price.

Our kits are assembled on site and look like traditional construction - all for a price that is usually less than prefab!

Energy Efficiency

Made from steel and foam, and with continuous insulation without gaps, nobody has a more energy efficient option!

Bug, rot, and Critter Proof.

Because our units are made with steel and foam, you won't ever have to worry about termites, rot and even rodents.

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