Help Us Get Emergency Housing to Maui!

PanelTekADU is trying to get 100 units of our Emergency Deployment Units to Hawaii to assist in the wild fire emergency we have all heard about. Please visit the GoFundMe to help!

In the aftermath of the devastating wildfires in Lahaina, Maui, families, especially those with young children, find themselves confronting the immediate challenge of displacement. In partnership with PanelTekADU and qualified nonprofit organizations, we’re championing a swift and compassionate housing response tailored to these families.
For our family, Maui isn’t just a fleeting vacation retreat; it represents generations of connection. With dear family and friends residing on the island, Maui resonates deeply in our hearts. Every trip there isn’t just a holiday; it’s a heartfelt reunion.
Our profound connection to the island has instilled in us a commitment to give back. Over the years, we’ve actively supported local initiatives, ensuring that the community that has enveloped us in its warmth also feels our unwavering support.
As wildfires have wrought havoc on the island we love, it’s imperative we rally behind Maui. So, as you dream about the allure of Maui’s beaches and sunsets, WE URGE you to direct that affection toward making a genuine impact. This is our clarion call to unite in revitalizing the island’s spirit and splendor. Consider repurposing a portion of your vacation funds to facilitate the rejuvenation of this cherished paradise.
Our plea is heartfelt: stand with us, stand with Maui. Together, we can exemplify that Aloha is more than a mere greeting; it’s an impassioned call to collective action, unity, and healing. Your contribution, irrespective of its size, will symbolize hope for the expansive Maui community.
Prioritizing Families with Young Children
Safety & Stability: Children require consistent environments for their development. Our homes offer a haven where they can continue to grow and learn amidst the crisis.
Specialized Amenities: The units are equipped with child-friendly facilities, ensuring comfort and safety for younger residents.
Community Integration: By prioritizing families, we ensure that children remain integrated within their community, maintaining connections to friends and familiar faces.
The Homes
Quick Setup: PanelTekADU dwellings are designed for rapid deployment, ensuring that families have a roof over their heads in the shortest time possible.
Durable & Safe: Built to withstand varying conditions, these homes provide a durable shelter, ensuring safety against external elements.
Sustainable: Eco-friendly materials and design features make the homes sustainable, reducing the environmental footprint.
Functional Design: The layout prioritizes family living, with shared spaces for family interactions and private spaces for comfort and privacy.
Benefits for Homeless Families
Stepping Stone: These homes act as a bridge, providing immediate relief while families find long-term housing solutions.
Community Building: Clustered neighborhoods promote community interactions, fostering support systems among residents.
Resource Access: Proximity to essential resources such as community centers, schools, and medical facilities ensures families remain connected to vital services.
Goal: Raise funds for 100 homes, focusing on displaced families with young children.
Your Role
Your contribution will not only provide shelter but also restore hope and stability for families in distress. By prioritizing families with young children, we can ensure that the next generation grows up in a secure environment, even amidst challenges.
How to Help
Click ‘Donate Now’.
Select your payment method.
Choose your contribution amount.
Complete the transaction.
Every donation, big or small, has the power to reshape a family’s future.
Stay Connected
Join us on this journey. Receive updates on the progress, and stories from beneficiary families, and see firsthand the impact of your generosity.
Spread the Word
Share this initiative, emphasizing the focus on families with young children, to multiply the impact.


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