About Us

After 25 years working for cities as an Economic Developer, our Founder – Kurt Overmeyer – realized that the housing crisis wasn’t going to be solved by ADUs using traditional building methods because the costs were too high! So he partnered with his old friends Rick and Beth Cartell to develop a new way to build. Rick and Beth moved on from Panel Tek to enjoy island life in the Bahamas where they are using the same systems to build workforce housing – and built themselves a beautiful beach house. Kurt believes that everyone should be allowed to live where they work and that the best communities are the most inclusive and welcoming communities. Don’t forget to check out the Invest page where you can join us on our journey!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – Provide solutions to build infill housing, whether it’s backyard ADUs or small lot multi family or row houses. Check out our Invest page and join us on the journey!

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