Our kits can help you build your ADU, Backyard Office, or multi-family development for a fraction of the cost of traditional building. Our kits are fast to assemble, energy efficient, and rot, bug and critter proof. Get site built quality at prefab (or less) prices!

Our kits come with everything you need to build the walls and roof. Then you either DIY or have a contractor build it out with your desired windows, doors, and interior/exterior finishes. Even if you hire a general contractor to build your unit, it typically costs less than prefab.

Our kits are made of steel and structural foam. The unique building system allows for a continuous insulation barrier and for a durable waterproof, bug proof, rot proof, critter proof and depending on your exterior finish, a fire resistant unit. 

From order to delivery is usually less than 4 weeks and almost never more than 8 weeks. Once on site – assuming you have a foundation ready – most kits can be assembled to dry shell in less than a day. With interior and exterior finishes, the typical build is one to two weeks. 

The kits are shipped flat packed and assembled on site. The kit includes the panels for the floor, roof and walls as well as doors and windows. The kits are designed to provide a safe place to sleep and can be moved once assembled. See the contact button below to learn more. 

Homelessness is a complex issue, but the number one cause is lack of available housing. Our kits can fill that first step in moving from chronically homeless to self-sufficiency. Homelessness is traumatizing and can create a whole host of difficult impacts on those people experiencing it. With our kits people can have safe shelter and are useful in a “housing first” model. Contact us below and we will help you find the resources to learn about the housing first model which is by far the most successful solution. 

By using the same components over and over as well as the same designs, small lot developments can avoid a number of costs that are associated with traditional builds. Our kits include two story apartments and row houses, and soon we will have designs and models for 3 story row houses that can be anything from apartment complexes to single family homes. See the contact us button below and we will start working with you right away to get the best solution for your application!

Our backyard offices are great for DIY’ers. The units ship flat packed and can be assembled by 2 people in a day. We recommend a slab foundation, but you can also build on piers. The kit has everything you need to build the walls and roof and then you complete the interior and exterior using your preferred finishes. These units are quiet, efficient, and require very little heating and cooling. Contact us today and we will get you started!

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